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The history of  the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT)  so far has been short but exciting. Building on a proud history of achievements through the cooperation between two maritime institutes from the Netherlands and a Malaysian marine course provider company, it was foreseen from the beginning that the format of this constellation would be quite unique and different from all others that were being established in Iskandar’s  Educity.  Through the many achievements, NMIT has consistently kept its focus on implementing its vision to be one of the region’s leading maritime education providers while meeting world-class standards.

The core values that have aided in NMIT’s success have always remained at the forefront of the institute’s drive. Excellence in education and research, emphasising on high quality teaching and possessing strong engagement with the industry,  remains as the nucleus of NMIT’s strategy to enhance its stature and reputation.

Due to its ability to deliver results despite the short existence, NMIT continues to be acknowledged for the quality of the educational experience that it offers to the students,  be it in its’ teaching quality, general skills, staff qualifications or graduate employability. The students also enjoy strong support from industry players with whom the collaborations made, have and will continue to ensure that NMIT delivers the relevant skilled talents that the industry needs.

It has been proven that the applied NMIT format has been a success, as can be seen by the amount of enrolled students.  As this is higher than at any of the other institutes established in Educity, and with the second batch of students already graduated, it seems that the interest for NMIT is ever growing.

The learning programmes offered cater to land-based professions that play crucial roles in the maritime industry. It should come as no surprise that the future envisaged educational programmes at NMIT will include ‘wet’ maritime programmes for seafarer training. This will be both a logical supplementary package to the existing courses and a welcome global addition, as the seafarer shortage worldwide is still considered quite substantial; in other words ample employment opportunities.

Although Malaysia is a country with strong maritime orientation, the country hosts only a few seafarer education institutes. It seems inevitable  to explore possibilities to offer additional seafaring education options,  necessary to develop the Malaysian seagoing population,  while reducing the dependency on foreign seafaring crews on Malaysian vessels.

As statistics indicate that 90% of the world trade is done by sea, the maritime domain will always be active. NMIT’s aspirations are set towards high performance targets which can only be achieved by striving for excellence in all endeavours. Committed towards that vision, it is determined to recognize that this  will make the future for NMIT,  its staff and students,  bright and shiny for years to come!


Prof. Dr. Captain Stephen Cross