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Corporate Logo


The lighthouse represents the institution as a focused guidance in advancing oneself towards education and life for a better future.


The windmill symbolizes the energy, technology and heritage of the Netherlands.


The tulip flower is the official flower of the Netherlands that symbolizes the gems of values, appreciation and gratitude.


The wave represents the main elements in maritime, which symbolizes the vast wealth of knowledge available. It also depicts life challenges in attaining a better future.


The book represents education, knowledge and academic excellence.

Bulbous Bow

The bulbous bow signifies the technological advancement in maritime technology. In addition, it represents the efficiency and stability of the maritime industry.


The northern star represents the astronomical and navigational guide.

Crescent Moon

The crescent moon represents the astronomical and navigational guide.

When both elements are combined, it will visually form a compass, which is a navigational tool. Hence, it symbolizes the institution as a navigational guide in advancing a career in the maritime industry.