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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Diploma in Maritime Law

Program Aims: To provide fundamental knowledge and skills in Maritime Law. To provide future manpower who are not only skillful but are aware of the social, ethical professional and legal responsibilities; To fulfil requirement of government in producing entrepreneurial skilled manpower to ensure growth of the industry and maintain its sustainability. To produce personnel with good […]


Diploma in Port Management

JPT/BPP (N34540091) (MQA/FA0758) 10/16 Most countries of the world depend so much on international trade. Over 90% of their international trades are done through Maritime means. Cargos are moved from an origin to their destination using various transportation system called “multimodalism” or “through -transport”. Port is just  an important node in this logistic chain. Thus a port, due to its strategic geographic […]


Diploma in Shipping Management

JPT/BPP (N34540066) (MQA/FA0653) 07/16 Shipping is an international business as the industry carries almost 90% of world trade and employs millions of people around the globe in various roles, from ship and port management to finance, law, insurance, ship broking and ship agency services. Shipping controls the seaward side of the international maritime business. As shipping is a very high risk business […]


Diploma in Maritime Transportation Management

JPT/BPP (R84040025)(MQA/FA0226) 01/21 Today’s world is globalized and very much interdependent. The country’s economic development and prosperity depends so much on maritime transportation system that is efficient and cost-effective. Maritime transport is essentially the trade enabler and therefore has strategic economic importance. This phenomenon will facilitate a good and efficient supply chain in order to create effective value chain which is so much needed […]